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The laser controlled grader

The eLeveller is a riding arena leveller with integrated laser technology for ground leveling. This is a huge advance in riding surface maintenance, because the height of the dozer blade is adjusted without manual intervention by the operator. Commissioning is very simple and straightforward.

The laser system consists of a rotating laser and two receiver units on the riding arena leveler. This allows the laser beam to be detected at any point on the riding arena. The desired height level of the riding arena is determined by the receiver, which adjusts the dozer blade to the specified height.

eLeveller - an innovative grader

eLeveller -
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Increasing the service life of the riding arena through daily lasers

Daily laser cutting with the riding surface planner efficiently increases the service life of the treading layer. In addition, there are significant savings potentials with regard to the costs for external service providers. Uniform preparation guarantees optimal riding characteristics, protects the subsoil and enables better surface drainage of the riding arena. The evenness supports the safety and health of the horses in daily training and competition.

If you are interested in the riding arena planner or have any questions, please contact us at any time.