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High Score Elastic Floor

A product of Horse Competence Center Germany

The special feature of the High Score Performance Ground is the integration of our special riding arena mats. This elastic mat, the High Score Elastic Floor, is made of high quality materials and is scientifically tested and certified under extreme loads.

The original, tested mat always has the imprinted label with the designation RT 35 HSPG. Since the individual riding arena mats are adapted to the size of Euro pallets, the transport and shipping turns out to be cheap and uncomplicated.

In addition, the innovative elastic mat offers many practical advantages in terms of riding characteristics:

High Score Elastic Floor

Rideability features of our riding arena mat:

Equine health

Increased force reduction with reduced impact force ensures that joints, ligaments and tendons are protected (see “References / FEI”). This prevents fetlock ligament damage and general damage to the musculoskeletal system.

Energy-saving Training

Due to the higher energy recovery by the elastic mat, an energy-saving training is possible.


Optimal Water Management

More even distribution of water avoids wet spots in the tread layer and capillary rise of water is possible. The mat ensures significantly lower water consumption and the drainage of water is three times faster than without elastic mat.

Easy installation and optimized transport conditions due to puzzle system.

The individual riding arena mats are adapted to the size of Euro pallets. Therefore, shipping, transport & installation are inexpensive and uncomplicated. Replacement of individual puzzle mats is cheap and fast.

HIC Test

HIC = Head Injury Criterion: HIC is a criterion for evaluating acceleration-related head injuries. As a rule, the HIC test is used in children’s playgrounds to test the fall protection surface under climbing frames or similar.

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