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HSPG Systems

High Score
Performance Ground

A product of Horse Competence Center Germany:

Our High Score Performance Ground (HSPG) offers optimal conditions for your riding arena. The High Score Performance Ground not only provides optimal riding characteristics, but also convinces in the areas of safety, equine health and water management.

On the subject of riding arena irrigation or drainage, there are two types of construction:


High Score Perfomance Ground with irrigation system

Basically it is a three-layer-system. The arena gets bedded in a foil. First layer is a drainage layer with extra protected drainage pipes. Second layer, the seperation layer, is formed by the High Score Elastic Floor, the special elastic mat. Due to the puzzle structure of the mat, it is easy to install. The mat is fitted into transport standards, which makes it as cheap as possible to transport. The third layer, the footing, consists of a sand grain mix, adjusted to the mat and the FEI Standards. It is recommended to use additives in the footing. The water management is computer controlled.

HSPG Pflege

High Score Performance Ground with surface drainage

Here, the classic three-layer system is used. This means that a drainage layer is used at the bottom. The High Score Elastic Floor, the HSPG mat, is laid on top of this. The footing layer, as in the backwater system, consists of a sand-grain mixture specially developed for the HSPG riding arena. Here, too, the incorporation of an aggregate is recommended.