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High Score Performance Ground

Tested and Approved!

Scientifically tested by the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and according to FEI (Fédération Equestre International) standards:

The HSPG has been scientifically tested by the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and is subject to daily monitoring under real-life practical conditions at the Osthoff Stud. Optimal riding characteristics play a major role both at the show and in training. They not only influence the performance of the horses, but also contribute significantly to keeping them healthy. Thus, experts from science and practice tested various material compositions as well as riding arena structures under the umbrella of the HCCG and finally developed the HSPG.

The HSPG was tested according to FEI standards. The riding surface met all standards set by FEI. The test results also show that the cushioning is significantly good. The conclusion is that the maximum load, e.g. when landing after jumping, is significantly reduced when the High Score Elastic Floor is installed as a separation layer.

Detailed information about the FEI standards can be found on YouTube or in the Equine Surfaces White Paper HERE.

Statements about HSPG

Simone & Hans-Günter Blum

Sportpferde Blum, Germany

Simone Blum, World Champion in Show Jumping (Tryon’18)

Christian Bauer

CEO, IQ-Footing SLU

FEI Footing-Expert

Prof. Lars Roepstorff

FEI Footing Experte, 

Vet, Prof. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Monica Theodorescu

National trainer of the German dressage riders

Olympic Champion & World Champion in Dressage (Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996)

Ullrich Kasselmann

Hof Kasselmann GmbH & Co KG.

Horse breeder, trainer, organizer of auctions and equestrian events, networker 

Horses & Dreams

International Equestrian Event in Germany

Dressage, show jumping, show, charity, lifestyle & network in Hagen a.T.W.

Frederic Wandres

Dressage rider in the German Olympic squad 

Nations Cup winner, World Champion of young dressage horses, German Vice Champion in dressage

Ansgar Holtgers JR.

Show Jumping, Florida, Wellington

USEF Junior Jumper National Champion,               Harrisburg 2022

Helen Langehanenberg

Dressage rider & trainer 

World Champion, European Champion, German Champion in dressage

Safety First!

The HIC-Test with and without the HSPG-elastic-mat

Installation of the HSPG 

Family Meggle, Germany 

HSPG for Paddock

Stud Osthoff

Reference List

HSPG in Europe, America and Asia …